Program Advisor

The Program Advisor guides you through first steps and basic concepts about college life and functions.

They will have detailed knowledge about the requirements and structure of your degree program. One of their duties is to help you with the organization of schedules, giving aid choosing courses, and connecting you with the right people that may have more knowledge than they do about a specific query. Program Advisors guide you and give you the information and tools required, so you can handle any hurdle in your path a lot more efficiently.

Academic Success Coach

The Academic Success Coach (ASC) will give you the tools needed for a more effective academic performance. Their give the student assessments on their own behavior and feedback to help them learn better study habits and increase their chances for success. 

The ASC can assist with study strategies, time management skills, goal setting, test taking tips, efficient reading and listening, setting priorities, note taking, anxiety issues while standardized testing, procrastination and improving concentration.

Social Media Intern

They are the ones that execute the company’s social media interaction. They manage the company’s cyber impression by interacting with people through the company’s several social media accounts.

The Social Media Intern also has to implement several marketing strategies to improve our online presence, increase the reach of our brand, as well as gather data from our impact. They use this information to assess our success regarding engagement and how much people actually recognize the organization, its mission, and functions.

High Schools Admissions Counselor

High Schools Admissions Counselors help facilitate the process of admission for students by providing them with information and personal instruction regarding the courses and requirements in coordination with the student’s aspirations and resources. 

They help narrow down school choices and select the appropriate programs and courses through a personalized experience. This aids the student and the student’s family to navigate fruitfully through this process.

Community Impact!

College Thriver provides students with access to affordable solutions for college admissions, student housing, transportation, counseling, and scholarships. These solutions give low income students a hand up to becoming more successful in life.