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College Thriver is a single source tool that allows students to have a streamlined approach to college admissions. Our software offers colleges and universities a collaborative workflow for the application process. In addition to the software, our add-on mobile app allows students to quickly search for things they desperately need, like housing, funding for testing, tutoring, and even transportation. Schools and Organizations can also upgrade their software access to give students affordable solutions for college admissions through a user-friendly, one-stop app. College Thriver changes the game in higher education once and for all!

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The targeted goal is to provide these students with resources that will lead them to a debt-free graduation and a prestigious career. By maintaining a focus on student success, College Thriver will simultaneously strengthen the academic infrastructures of institutions, as well as help to create stronger candidates that will be ready for the corporate landscape.


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We work to ensure that low income/first generation students have equitable access to America’s
most academically intense College programs and succeed at the highest levels while
instantaneously keeping students in direct alignment with institutional goals and processes.
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Community Impact!

College Thriver provides students with access to affordable solutions for college admissions, student housing, transportation, counseling, and scholarships. These solutions give low income students a hand up to becoming more successful in life.