We couldn’t provide the help that we do without the effort of our network of volunteers.

College Thriver has identified the main resources that minorities and low- income people face when considering enrolling in their “dream” college, as well as the day to day challenges of staying in college. As a result of these findings, College Thriver Inc. supports the student to enroll in the college of their dream with focused programs that support them from the beginning to graduation day.

Volunteers play a role in many areas of the organization and support us with their time and effort, motivated by the conviction that everyone should have a chance at success in the academic world. This is an extensive work, therefore, there’s no such thing as ‘too much help’. College Thriver is always willing to receive as much as you can give, to help minority and low income students to get a better education.

Benefits of volunteering:

  • Volunteering is a great way to meet new people and establish new relationships while developing practical skills either from experience or from the training provided.
  • When volunteering you learn more about new causes, organizations, and working fields, without making a long term commitment. You could always come back for more if you enjoyed what you did!
  • It enhances your résumé. Volunteer work is very valuable for employers. It gives you relevant experience in an area, while also showing dedication and perseverance to a specific cause.

Community Impact!

College Thriver provides students with access to affordable solutions for college admissions, student housing, transportation, counseling, and scholarships. These solutions give low income students a hand up to becoming more successful in life.